2020/21 PROJECTS - 02/09/2020

We recently received some wonderful feedback from a visitor who mentioned the evident sense of pride and ownership of our City by our council. They commented that we are a progressive local council working towards enhancing residents lives – which we are! But it is very nice to be told so by a visitor!

Every year we allocate substantial funds and resources to maintenance and new works around our towns. This financial year, as I have mentioned before, we are going extra hard for COVID, with $40 million dollars going towards 107 capital works projects.

Some of the bigger projects this year include:

  • Resealing 34 streets and roads throughout the district

  • Extending the street trees along Dampier Highway

  • Replanting trees in the CBD destroyed by TC Damien

  • Redevelopment of Andover Park in Roebourne

  • Renewal of the Johns Creek Jetty at Point Samson

  • Reconstruction and realignment of Bayly Avenue at the airport

  • Wickham Swimming Pool precinct renewal and upgrade

  • Hampton Pavilion at Dampier re-roof and solar panelling

In addition to these capital projects are our regular programs of renewal and maintenance. While these may not be as visible, they play a vital role in our day to day activities. Many of these minor works projects include footpaths, road reseals, storm water management, weed management, reticulation and lighting – all items that require continual monitoring and maintenance.

Maintenance activities are carefully thought out and staged over multiple years. Did you know we have a 10 year footpath construction program?

Minor projects are regularly reviewed and some forecast priorities may change as we adapt and respond to changing conditions and identified needs.

One way you can get involved, is by using the Report It function on our website. If you identify any damage to Council facilities, put it on our radar!