2020 Business Climate Scorecard - 25/11/2020

The City of Karratha undertakes an annual Business Climate Scorecard and the results of this year’s survey, undertaken in September, were presented to council for endorsement last week.

The annual survey is a chance for local businesses to provide feedback on challenges and opportunities they face, so helps us identify how we can best support them. We ask questions on our performance across a range of initiatives including the business services we provide, grants, advocacy, city facilities etc.

The results are analysed by an independent business consultancy who compares us with a basket of metropolitan councils.

This year saw 191 businesses across Karratha participate in the survey, a high response rate.

The results of the scorecard this year were very positive, with local business giving the city an overall score of 74 out of 100, a jump of seven points from last year’s survey.

Our performance across the board was also well above the industry average in terms of criteria such as Vision, Governance, our Rates Value and our desirability as a Place to Work. We were the industry leader when compared to all the other participating Local Government Authorities in WA.

The feedback also identified that local business operators highly valued City led initiatives such as our quarterly Business Breakfast Briefing and access to networking and training efforts.

The major challenges facing businesses in Karratha were retention and recruitment of the right workers, the cost of housing, the cost of flights and availability of housing.

The City has been fighting for improvement in these issues for a long period – and we will continue the battle - but it is an encouraging sign that we are heading in the right direction in terms of supporting local business.