It’s time again for the City of Karratha Annual Community Survey, where we ask you to give honest answers to a range of questions that allow us to find out how we are doing.

The topics are very broad – we ask you how we are going with our libraries (we have 4!), our footpaths, our parks and gardens, our youth services, roads, events and beaches. In fact we ask you about 26 of the things we do or manage - and the same 26 every year so we can compare this year’s result with previous ones.

We also ask you how important each of these 26 services are to you, and if you give a higher performance rating than an importance rating to one of these – we are very happy.

But if you think we need to do better – if your importance is higher than our performance - we look very closely at it and direct resources into that area next year to try and bring it up to your expectations.

We think this is a pretty good system!

Last year we had 1559 completed responses, 99.99% of which were online. Overall in 2020, 62% thought our City was a good or excellent place to live and our overall score was 73%. We were pleased that 43% had no plans to leave (up from 14% in 2011) – the highest ever – and Dampier was the happiest of our towns, a whisker above Baynton.

Last year you told us we needed to do more on dog & cat and mosquito control but you were very happy with our foreshore work and our prevention of illegal dumping.

So, we will be interested to see what you want us to do for your town in 2021.

The survey is open for comment throughout February and can be accessed on the City of Karratha website.