ANZAC Day Speech

Acknowledgments: Traditional landowners Any VIPs present in audience RSL Pilbara Regiment and past and present service personnel


War is something few of us here have experienced, a burden that those lucky enough to survive, carry for a lifetime. The men and women we are here to remember have looked directly into the face of war and today, we respect and we remember these brave Australian heroes who have given everything for their country and their people.

Our nation still aches for each and every one of them, so fiercely that 100 years has made little difference. The hollow eyes of returned soldiers, battlefields reflected in their stares, and the ripping loss felt for those war has taken from us have been seared deep into our national identity. Today, we are a solemn nation, honouring those who fought for us, who were brave for us and who died for us.

Our soldiers gave their last breath for our freedom while their families back home lived on the edge of hope, shrouded in a lingering uncertainty as they waited and waited for their loved ones to return. Today our nation still echoes the deafening sound of hearts breaking for those who never made it back.

Let us remember the virtues of our ANZACs and the sacrifice they laid down for their homeland. Let us honour them today, and every day by appreciating the simple freedoms these men and women fought so courageously for. And, let us be proud of the legacy they have left our nation.

ANZAC Day has brought us here, united under our nation’s flags, to remember our fallen soldiers. But it also provides us a time to think of our modern day ANZACs, those service personnel and their families, who are serving Australia in today’s restless world. Keep these men and women in our thoughts and prayers as they serve our nation, protecting innocent people from a war beyond their control.

Lest we forget.