ARTS ON THE TERRACE - 05/06/2019

Art is the expression of our creative impulse, and its products define cultures all over the world. Art provides a sense of place, of belonging in a world that is becoming more changeable and uncertain.

It has been proven that students who engage with the arts improve their academic and social outcomes and the playing of a musical instrument improves spatial-temporal ability, IQ scores, reading and language.

The ancient rock art of the Burrup/Murujuga, dating back tens of thousands of years indicates our area has long been an artistic hub. And the spontaneous creativity which has spawned the Cossack and Dampier Art Awards show this impulse continues today.

Council is committed to supporting and strengthening the wealth of talented local artists within our community, and we are keen to nurture the arts to help them grow and develop.

Our beautiful new Red Earth Arts Precinct has been designed with this in mind providing a venue for music, dance, the performing and visual arts.

In 2017, the City established an Arts and Culture Advisory Group to guide development of the arts in our community. Consisting of councillors, staff and community members, the group recognises that access to diverse arts and cultural experiences connects and enriches - and so enhances liveability.

Last week the City hosted the inaugural Arts on the Terrace function. This event aims to provide regular opportunities for local creatives to connect and instigate collaborations, and for the City to provide updates about arts and culture initiatives.

I would like to thank the musicians, photographers, dancers, performing artists and visual artists for supporting the first of what will become a regular event.

The City of Karratha is keen to grow our artistic community and to offer people the opportunity to provide us with their ideas for developing the arts further.

Please contact if you would like to join.