Good evening friends and welcome to carols at the picture gardens 2015

We are here because two thousand years ago, a child was born who changed the world. His name was Jesus Christ and from his single brief life, the largest religion on earth has been created.

Today, nearly one third of the world’s population – 2.2 billion people – are Christian.  Some of the most amazing and inspiring buildings ever constructed, some of the greatest music ever written and some of the most magnificent art ever painted – were done in the name of the Christianity.

Science does not understand it because science can only measure and observe: you can’t see Jesus – so he mustn’t exist!

But science is finding out all sorts of wonderful things that our material minds cannot accept.  The very idea of “reality” itself has been undermined and science now thinks that reality doesn’t actually exist until we observe it – in other words, reality is dependant on us!  Revolutionary indeed!  Perhaps Science will lead mankind back to God.

The world around us today is filled with beauty, but so often when man becomes involved, he fills it with something darker. The world groans in the agony of war, torture, starvation, terror and displacement.  We witness on our televisions the unbelievable cruelty of man against man and so often in the name of religion.

What does the child whose birth we celebrate every year on December 25th have to offer when so many terrible things are done in the name of religion?

His life is what he has given to us.  The most perfect person who ever trod the earth has left for us a pattern, a lifestyle to follow: a life of simplicity, of humbleness; of service to others, of heart above head.

Jesus said: “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me … for my yoke is easy and my burden is light”.  How often we complicate our lives with the lust for and the care of material things.  So easy to do!

The life of Jesus was one of preaching the gospel and healing the sick.  Jesus had naught but the robe on his back and he exhorted us to follow him in the way of humbleness and simplicity, the way of love and compassion.

At this Christmas time, let us remember the life of Jesus, the man of sorrows who was born in a manger in a stable, who lived his life entirely for others and who died with naught but the gown on his back.

Merry Christmas to all.  May we each of us truly appreciate the blessings we have living in a place like Australia in this wonderful Pilbara countryside.

God bless you all.