Over the past few weeks, I’ve been attempting to give you a bit more information on the variety of support initiatives the City has introduced in response to the COVID pandemic in 2020.

While some initiatives like our Try Local Cash, 20% tourism discount for locals and rates freeze are widely known about there are many other less talked about initiatives that we are rolling out to certain areas of our community.

There is no denying that COVID has affected all of us in some way over the past few months and while we’re well on the road to recovery, Council and the City of Karratha is aware of the strain that this has placed on our valued community groups, clubs and organisations.

Since our second wave of COVID support initiatives was endorsed by Council at the end of June, we have sent 118 letters out to identified community groups, clubs and organisations offering a one off payment of $1000 to assist with their operational costs at this time. This offer is subject to the goods or services being purchased from a local supplier within the City of Karratha and we’re pleased to be in conversation with over 20 of these groups already, assisting them through the redeeming process.

This measure, along with many of our other COVID initiatives is aimed at providing ongoing support to local businesses, our economy and community groups during the recovery phase of this global pandemic. It could see a further $118,000 injected into our economy and the hardest hit businesses so we encourage all local groups who have received this letter to get in touch about claiming this payment.

These are unprecedented and uncertain times and Council is committed to assisting our community through these support measures, to recover and rebuild our thriving community once more.