The results of our annual community survey are out and we are very pleased with the results.

Overall satisfaction this year was 75 per cent, which is up from 73 per cent in 2018 and 70 per cent in 2017. This is the highest overall satisfaction score the City has ever received, which is pleasing because it indicates we are improving every year. It’s a far cry from the 57 per cent recorded back in 2012.

Council has been running this survey in its current format now for 8 years, which allows us to identify trends in the data over time.

People are invited to rate our City’s performance across 26 service areas and the results allow us to compare our performance with previous years and identify where we need to improve.

We always get a good response. This year we had 1430 surveys returned, compared with 1507 in 2018.

The results are again very positive and indicate that people enjoy living in the City of Karratha, plan to stay and appreciate the facilities and services Council provides to the community.

The number of people with no plans to leave has increased from 40.7 per cent in 2018 to 41.9 per cent, which remains a steep jump from the 14 per cent who planned to stay in 2011.

I’m proud that 63.62 per cent of respondents think the City of Karratha is a good or excellent place to live, which exceeds last year’s 60.17 per cent. And nearly half the respondents think the City is a better or much better place to live than 12 months ago, which is a 7.5 per cent improvement from last year.

We believe these improving results are due to the fact that we listen to your concerns and act on them. Your Council is continuing to progress towards our vision to become Australia’s most liveable regional city.

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