CONFERENCES - 22/05/2019

Our award-winning Red Earth Arts Precinct recently celebrated its first year of operation – it seems like it only opened the other day!

Apart from many shows and movies, this state-of-the-art facility has attracted a growing number of high profile conferences. Organisers are attracted to the high quality facility but also to the opportunity hold their event in a very different environment to the typical central city location.

We promote conferences in our area very strongly - not just for the fact that they generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for the local economy, but also because they bring in people from all over the country, which allows us to showcase and promote our beautiful City and our remarkable natural attractions.

This year, in a first for WA, we are very excited to be hosting the Developing Northern Australia Conference on July 11 and 12.

This conference will bring people in from all over the nation to discuss a broad range of topics including resources, land, water, energy, renewables, agribusiness, population strategy and industry sector opportunities to build a prosperous, sustainable future for Northern Australia.

Another exciting prospect is the upcoming WA Regional Tourism Conference, which is heading to Karratha for the first time on 16-18 September.

Karratha was selected from a competitive field as an emerging tourism destination and this significant event will showcase our unique and unforgettable tourism experiences to hundreds of delegates.

Participants at these conferences have the opportunity to network and engage with industry colleagues and hear from industry-leading speakers about innovative ideas and critical issues.

Council is looking forward to demonstrating the investment potential, tourist appeal and liveability of the City of Karratha to hundreds of investors, policy makers, business owners, academics, researchers, Indigenous leaders, entrepreneurs and representatives from all sectors of government.