The COVID-19 global pandemic and the restrictions imposed to minimise the spread of the virus have been unprecedented and extraordinary.

Council and the City understand that COVID-19 restrictions have significantly impacted our community and we would like to hear from you about how to guide our recovery when life after the coronavirus returns to ‘the new normal’.

In March, we introduced support packages valued at approximately $3 million dollars comprising a broad range of economic stimulus and support measures for ratepayers, community groups and small businesses.

Initiatives included freezing rates and existing City fees and charges in 2020-21, deferring rates collection for three months, increasing access to debt write off for businesses and individuals through our modified Financial Hardship (Rates Relief) Policy, providing lenient and compassionate terms to City debtors, not charging small business tenants of City properties rent for six months, spending more with local suppliers and contractors, offering small business advertising grants and grants of up to $25,000 to community groups and organisations through a new Community Group Assistance Fund.

We hope these measures have successfully eased the burden of the COVID-19 crisis, and now we are considering how we can best support our community through the introduction of recovery packages.

This week the City launched a short survey that will help guide our recovery when life after the coronavirus returns to ‘the new normal’.

The survey includes a questions about how COVID-19 has impacted you and invites you to rank ways we could stimulate small business, incudes which sectors you feel have been hit the hardest and need the most support. You can also provide suggestions about how we could support the community.

I encourage you to complete the survey at