COSSACK - 01/07/2020

For the past 24 years the City has been managing State Government assets at Cossack.

Council’s vision for Cossack is to enable low impact tourism development and enhance the precinct’s heritage values.

The Council has endeavoured to progress this vision through State Planning processes but, to date, it has not been able to get the State’s support.

The State Government has indicated concerns with flooding and bushfire management at Cossack and has also indicated that it does not support Cossack development due to insufficient power, water and sewer at the historic township.

While the City believes these issues can be resolved and has attempted to change the planning regulations for Cossack, the State Government did not support the City’s proposals to change the planning rules. These rules are currently preventing the further development of Cossack.

Over the past 24 years the City has spent approximately $10m of ratepayers’ funds maintaining, upgrading and managing the State Government owned assets at Cossack. The assets have improved significantly since the City took over management responsibility in 1996.

The City remains eager to see its vision for Cossack delivered but is not willing to continue to spend significant amounts of its resources managing, maintaining and operating State significant assets that it doesn’t own.

The City will continue to advocate on landowners behalf to achieve a positive outcome and has advised the State Government it hopes to work together to find an appropriate arrangement to ensure tourism and community access continues.