COVID SURVEY - 24/06/2020

As part of our response to the coronavirus pandemic, the City conducted a COVID-19 community survey from June 3 to 17. Our objective was to gather feedback about how Council can best support the community during the recovery phase.

We received 371 responses. Thanks to everyone who took the time to provide feedback to Council about how COVID-19 has affected you.

Forty-five percent of our respondents said COVID-19 had no negative impacts on their personal finances, while 11 percent said that they were actually better off.

While this is positive, nearly 42% percent of respondents said COVID-19 had negatively impacted their financial circumstances, including 12 per cent who said that they were significantly worse off.

Sixty-seven percent said their connection to family and friends had been negatively affected in some way - most likely through self-isolation and the restrictions on our daily lives.

Respondents ranked tourism as the industry needing the most support, followed by hospitality, health, retail, beauty & hair, accommodation, construction & trade, transport, professional services, and admin & support.

In terms of community support, respondents ranked funds for mental health the highest, priority, followed by funds for clubs and not-for-profit groups, then sports fee relief, a community festival, an elite sport event, funds for schools, and community gatherings.

Survey respondents had a high level of confidence that the City’s community and economy will bounce back quickly.

Using this information, Council is now considering what initiatives it should undertake next.

The key focus of any future investment is to support local business, while taking a targeted approach to spending. We want to facilitate a rapid delivery of our support while maintaining transparency and equity. A collaborative approach is required and we must work to minimise duplication and maximise benefits.

A second tranche of initiatives will be considered by Council at the June OCM.

The approved initiatives will be announced in early July so watch this space and remember to keep up the good work with social distancing and hygiene – we’re on the home stretch now.