CYCLONE DAMIEN - 12/02/2020

Cyclone Damien came last weekend and really shook us up. With winds gusting to 185 km/hr it was scary at times - particularly when those winds were carrying tree branches past the front window!

This was Karratha’s first direct hit - the first time the eye has gone over the City - for a long time, and the strong reversal of winds after the eye passed always does a lot more damage.

Many trees and plants were ripped out of gardens across our entire city, from Dampier to Point Samson, but apart from the unfortunate houses and buildings that trees fell on, there was limited structural damage.

It was heartening on Sunday morning to see so many neighbours joining together to help each other out, sawing off broken tree limbs, dragging broken branches, leaves and debris to the front verges. As I said at our bushfire aid concert, Australians are marvellous when things get tough and this was no exception in Karratha where people volunteered to take those without vehicles to and from the refuge, brought food and supplies and helped so readily to clean up others debris and bring life back to normal.

I would like to give special thanks to the City’s staff who were out at 6 am Sunday morning assessing the damage, then working all day standing up damaged trees, cutting back broken ones and collecting debris across our CBD. Our crew moved 183 trees in 10 semi-trailer loads to the tip just in that one day alone.

I would like to express my thanks to all our community for the diligent clean-up undertaken before the cyclone, for efficiently removing debris after and for helping each other out throughout the event.

Council will do a free clean-up of green waste left on the verge beginning next Monday.