DAMA - 19/05/2021

Attracting and retaining staff has repeatedly been raised by local businesses as one of the biggest issues they are facing.

Determined to assist where we can, the City commissioned a report in May 2020 that found a Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) would provide the most benefit to addressing labour shortages.

A DAMA is an agreement between the Australian Government and a regional authority – in this case, the City of Karratha – to provide visa arrangements that are tailored to the unique economic and labour market needs of a region.

Following the findings of the City’s report and after consultation with numerous local businesses, Council resolved to move forward with an application to the Federal Government for a DAMA in December 2020.

As a part of that application, we need to know what positions businesses are finding it hardest to fill. A survey is currently open and available for local businesses across the City of Karratha to have their say on how a DAMA could best meet their needs.

If granted, a DAMA will enable employers within the City of Karratha to sponsor skilled overseas workers to occupy roles that they have been unable to fill with Australian workers.

The Agreement will not affect the recruitment process for Australians as part of the DAMA application process dictates businesses must demonstrate that genuine and prolonged efforts have been made to recruit Australians first.

If you run a local business in the City of Karratha, we want to hear from you. The survey is open until 28 May and is available on the City of Karratha website.