DAMIEN CLEANUP - 19/02/2020

It’s been nearly two weeks since Severe Tropical Cyclone Damien ravaged our towns, stripping and uprooting trees, breaking windows and causing significant structural and water damage across our towns.

It has been really uplifting to see the community band together to help each other. Difficult situations often bring out the best in people and this has certainly been the case since ‘Damo’ came to town. Thanks to everyone, including those great community members, our volunteers, City staff and all the local businesses who pitched in and helped residents secure and tidy up their properties.

It is early days yet and the City has a mammoth task ahead but we are putting all our resources behind cyclone recovery efforts. The full extent of damage to facilities and infrastructure is still being assessed and the City is prioritising community safety during these early stages of recovery.

The City’s free green waste collection commenced on Monday. The City is using its own crews, and has engaged an additional five contractors to do the work. With assistance from Rio Tinto, these teams are moving through all our towns as quickly as possible but the massive volumes of vegetation ensure it will be a slow process. Please be patient – they will get to you.

If possible, please cut branches and debris into lengths of less than 1.5m. Please also stack your waste clear of fences, water meters, power poles and other obstructions to help keep the process as efficient as possible.

While we are collecting green waste from all properties in the district, we strongly encourage residents to make use of our free tip facilities in Karratha and Wickham if they have the ability to do so.

The City’s special website page and our Facebook site will provide regular updates on the progress of the clean-up.

Once again, thanks to everyone who has assisting with the daunting recovery task ahead – it will take some time but we will rebuild.