DAMIEN CLEANUP 2 - 26/02/2020

It’s been nearly three weeks since the impact of Severe Tropical Cyclone Damien and recovery efforts are continuing.

The City’s free green waste collection is progressing with nine contractors - the majority local businesses - engaged to assist City crews. We now have crews in every town and suburb. These teams are moving through each town as quickly as possible but it is a slow process due to the huge volumes of green waste, so please be patient.

To give you an indication of the incredible volumes they are dealing with, between February 9 and 21, more than 1212 tonnes of green waste was delivered to 7 Mile Waste Transfer Station, virtually all of which was cyclone-related.

The Parks and Gardens team are mulching green waste as they go to repurpose the green waste throughout parks and gardens.

Unfortunately, our collection teams are finding contamination within piles of green waste – even including, unfortunately, asbestos. This and other contamination both poses a risk to our worker’s health and safety and reduces the City’s ability to repurpose and recycle the green waste. If you have other materials to dispose of, our tips are free and 7 Mile can accept asbestos-containing materials if you call ahead to make arrangements.

Note that while the City is offering a free green waste collection, it is owners’ or tenants’ responsibility to ensure their properties are prepared for cyclones for the duration of cyclone season from November 1-30 April. It’s easy to become complacent after a severe impact, as these are fortunately rare for our towns, but it’s important to make sure we are ready for anything else mother nature throws as us.