FOOD VANS - 06/05/2020

Council reviews all of its policies on a regular basis and our Stallholder and Street Trading Policy came up for its biennial review last year.

Since 2016, when we began our last review of this policy, our Dreamers Hill site has become a hive of activity several evenings a week, with sometimes 8 or more food vans vying for business amid many parked cars and scores of people.

People love the choice of foods on offer, and the carnival atmosphere that results, but Council and many others are concerned with the safety of a site located on a busy roundabout, with cars coming and going for food and children walking about in the dark.

The City is responsible for ensuring compliance with local laws which establish safety of the sites and the food that is served at street trading venues.

Because of the growth in the numbers of food vans, Council decided to do a root and branch review of its policy last year. As a part of this process, we held public meetings with both mobile stall holders and fixed food vendors to understand their desires and concerns.

Currently we have 149 registered food businesses within the City, 24 of which are mobile food vendors. It is important we strike a fair balance between supporting ‘bricks and mortar’ cafes and restaurants who employ dozens of people and pay substantial rents and taxes; and mobile vendors who provide the variety and convenience people enjoy.

Council deferred a decision on the proposed new Policy at its April meeting to allow for further consideration.

Council has no intention of forcing food vans to ‘truck off’ from Dreamers Hill and will consider a draft revised policy at the May OCM. This will be advertised for public comment for 28 days, with all public feedback considered prior to a decision being made.