I am very pleased to announce that Karratha has now been added to the short list of councils that can accept Household Hazardous Waste.

HHW refers to the products used in and around the home that are flammable, toxic, explosive or corrosive - such as appliance batteries, aerosol cans, fluorescent tubes, engine coolants, fire extinguishers, paint, flares and gas cylinders.

These can now be dropped off at the Karratha 7 Mile Waste Facility and Transfer Station free of charge.

The City has been supported in this through a new initiative of the Waste Authority of WA that has rolled out HHW programs across WA.

The HHW products you drop off at our facility will be transported to Perth or further afield where they will be broken down into their constituent parts to recover metals and other compounds which can be reused or recycled.

This great initiative has been picked up by a number of Local Governments across Western Australia (currently 13) and provides the community with the ability to dispose of hazardous waste that isn’t allowed to go into any regular kerbside collection bins.

Preventing illegal dumping was identified in our annual community survey as something where the community’s expectations exceeded perception of our performance.

We are extremely proud to be a part of this initiative as it assists with preventing potentially harmful chemicals and hazardous materials being incorrectly disposed of and potentially harming the environment. I encourage everyone in the community to take advantage.

More information can be found in the waste section on the City of Karratha website.