HOUSING - 20/01/2021

As the economy gears up after the Christmas break, it is clear that housing availability and affordability will continue to be a key issue for Karratha in 2021. And while housing is not usually the responsibility of local government, council has determined that it must do what it can to ensure our community has access to quality and affordable housing.

The City of Karratha have been working on proposals to improve the current situation for well over 12 months now so we have a number of housing proposals at various stages of development.

In December council voted to accept a tender by GBSC Yurra to construct nine dwellings on three City-owned lots. A Development Agreement between the City and GBSC Yurra is currently being negotiated and construction work on these nine houses is planned to commence in the next couple of months.

Council has also approved subdivision of a freehold block it owns in Hancock Way in Bulgarra. Close to the coast, this exciting project will provide 21 housing lots of a variety of sizes and is currently in the design phase. We expect construction to get going before July this year.

The City is also considering development opportunities for the vacant land in Sharpe Avenue opposite our Red Earth Arts Precinct. We consider this south end of Sharpe Avenue should contain civic and public buildings and ideas including a museum and art gallery have been suggested. However, this would not preclude building residential apartments into such a civic development, which would help to enliven that end of town.

This land is called Lot 7020, and an online survey is currently available to determine what sort of development the community would like to see occur on this. This survey came out last week and is available on the City of Karratha Facebook page: please log on and give us your opinion.