HYDROGEN - 04/05/2022

Hydrogen is wonderful stuff!

With the highest energy per unit mass of any fuel – nearly three times that of petrol – it can be made out of water, and when you burn it, all that comes out of the exhaust, is water!

Hydrogen has now been accepted as a vital part of the nation’s response to global warming because of these attributes – and the fact that it can be stored effectively forever.

It has long been recognised that the Pilbara is the perfect place to make hydrogen from solar power and water, so the City of Karratha, the Pilbara Development Commission and RDA – Pilbara have been working together to promote the value of our region for renewable hydrogen production.

Our work has been rewarded by both the State and Federal Governments, with the 29 March Federal Budget containing nearly $1 billion of hydrogen commitments for the Pilbara. The State Government has already announced $117 million for WA hydrogen hubs.

In Karratha, we will get a Hydrogen Training and Research facility, a pipeline from the Maitland Estate solar power stations to the Port of Dampier plus upgrade of the Dampier Cargo Wharf to enable import of wind turbine blades and other equipment.

With the renewable hydrogen facility Yara is building on the Burrup, plus the massive solar power investments by FMG, Woodside and others, our region is well on the way to becoming a renewable hydrogen producer and exporter of world importance.

And apart for the hugely positive impact this will have on our planet, it could provide secure jobs forever.