Mayors Chair – Projects Dashboard - 30/09/2020

We have set out an ambitious target of completing 107 projects this financial year worth more than $40 million, that’s more than 2 projects being completed a week!

As you can probably imagine, tackling 107 projects comes with a lot of information that spans a wide variety of topics and issues. To make accessing and viewing this information simple and easy to navigate for you, we have just released our new Projects Dashboard on the City of Karratha website.

The Projects Dashboard features an intuitive interface, giving you easy and direct access to up to date information detailing what stage each project is in, the budget for each and every project and when we aim to have it completed. You can filter through projects based on stage of development, cost or search for the exact projects that are important to you.

The dashboard also provides you with a clear visual representation of our progress and the total number of projects completed so far. If you’d like to keep updated and track our progress on the 107 projects in real time, jump on the City of Karratha website and take a tour today!