Our 2021 Projects – Bayly Av - 21/10/2020

To stimulate our local economy, the City is spending some $40 million this financial year on 107 projects. Although we have done larger single projects, such as the $64M Leisureplex or the $52M REAP, these took several years to complete: this $40 million will be spent in 12 months and is the biggest capital works program the city has ever embarked on.

I thought it would be good to highlight a few of the larger projects that are currently underway.

If you have been out to the airport lately, you would have seen that we are doing some major works on Bayly Avenue, which runs between Dampier Highway and the Airport terminal Building. Initially constructed in 1984, Bayly Avenue is the only public road into the airport and apart from some very necessary repair and resealing work, we are realigning it to be further away from the airside fence and runway. This is to provide more space for future hangars and other facilities that need to have direct access to the airside area.

The City has recently built two new hangars along this road which we hire to airport users and we expect others will be built in future.

The work involves re-profiling and resealing the road at the car-park or eastern end and a totally new road from that area to the Dampier Highway entrance in the west. Culverts are currently being installed and underground power installation is underway.

The reconstruction will bring with it a raft of improvements with a wider road, improved lighting, landscaping and the potential for a significant “statement piece” or artwork at the entrance on Dampier Highway. It also provides opportunities for further commercial developments.

We aim to have the project completed in March 2021.

I would also like to remind community members that pre-cyclone verge collections have commenced and residents in the Roebourne, Wickham, Point Samson, Cheeditha and Dampier areas have until this Sunday to put out any green waste they would like to be collected. For more information head to the City of Karratha Facebook or website.