RATE FREEZE - 12/08/2020

Rate notices for the 2020/21 year were sent out last week – most people with have received them by the end of this week.

The rate notice to households is accompanied by a letter from me explaining that the rates do not have to be paid until November. This 3-month delay in household rates being due is part of the City’s COVID-19 support measures. We have had to send the notices out because the big industrial rate payers like Rio Tinto and Woodside will still be paying their rates at the appointed time in August.

You will still have the option to pay by installments but this year the first two of four installments will be due in November.

As promised, the City has frozen rates and charges for most ratepayers this year so your bill should be the same as for 2019/20.

Council has now made two tranches of COVID-19 support measures for our community and this was part of the first tranche we announced in March, which totaled some $3 million.

In June, with the support of Rio Tinto, we announced a further $1.3 million of additional business support measures bringing the total value of support packages to $4.3 million.

In addition the City has modified its existing financial hardship policy to provide increased access for individuals and businesses, and has adopted a new COVID-19 financial hardship policy which provides no interest or instalment administration changes for residential and small business ratepayers in financial hardship.

These measures are aimed at providing ongoing support to ratepayers and the hardest hit businesses and community groups during the recovery phase of this global pandemic.

These are unprecedented and uncertain times and your Council is committed to providing assistance where possible to our community.