RATES – 31/05/2018

At its meeting of May 7th, Council voted to advertise and invite submissions on its proposed differential rates model for 2018/19.

As we have done for the previous 2 years, the City of Karratha intends to keep its increase at or below inflation.

The City plans to collect one per cent more overall in rates for the next financial year. This is about half the current Local Government Cost Index, or CPI, and translates to less than $1 a week for the average residential property.

If approved, Karratha’s 1% increase will be considerably less than other regional councils, who have proposed rates increases in the range 3% to 5%. We are able to keep ours low because of investments we have made, such as The Quarter, and businesses we run on behalf of our rate-payers.

The proposed 1% increase is an average for the whole City and due to the general re-valuation this year, which differed markedly between properties, the rates for some properties will be higher than last year and some will be lower.

If the proposed rates model is implemented, 25 per cent of residential ratepayers will receive a reduction in their rates bill and a further 37 per cent will see their rates bill increase by less than 2 per cent.

While the money we receive from grants, subsidies, fees and charges is reducing every year, and State Government costs such as power and water keep increasing, we have been able to keep our rates within the CPI, while at the same time delivering more and better services to the community.