Community safety is a complex issue and a key priority for Council.

While it is a shared responsibility, the City works closely with local police and other agencies and stakeholders to develop and implement initiatives to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour through our Safer Communities Partnership.

Examples include expanding our footpath lighting program to help make residents feel safer walking around after dark and our Lock It or Lose It Program that offers residents subsidised motorcycle and bicycle locks to help prevent opportunistic theft.

A more recent initiative is our Security Subsidy Scheme, which was introduced in March after members of the Safer Communities Partnership including myself attended a public meeting where the idea of a local government rebate on security equipment was raised.

In response to this feedback, the City introduced the Security Subsidy Scheme to help residents feel safer in and around their homes.

In addition to aiming to enhance a sense of security, this initiative seeks to assist police to identify and prosecute offenders.

Council reviewed the scheme’s first six-months at the last Council meeting and have made some changes to make it more attractive and accessible.

Since March, residents could claim back a rebate of up to half the cost of installing security lighting, CCTV and alarm systems up to a maximum of $200.

The threshold has been increased to $500 and the condition that required security devices to be hardwired at the property has been removed. In addition, applications are no longer limited to one per household.

If you are considering installing surveillance devices at your home, I encourage you to contact the City to make the most of the reimbursement on offer.

All residential properties are eligible though rental properties require approval from the owner.

For more information, please visit