Rio Tinto Iron Ore Partnership Celebration Event 2017 – 17 October 2017

Mayor’s speech notes:

Good evening everyone and thank you for joining us here tonight as we celebrate the incredible outcomes we have achieved together over the last five years and the possibilities for the future as we extend our work together.

Our Community Infrastructure and Services Partnership started with a simple vision to deliver better facilities, amenities and events to our communities. To enhance the livability and vibrancy of our towns. And to build a sustainable future for our region.

We have achieved so much more than what we originally envisaged. We have created a regional city where people are proud to live and happy to call home, a sustainable legacy for future generations and an award-winning portfolio, leading the way for public private partnerships in WA, and perhaps Australia.

We have worked smarter, delivered more and seen incredible highs in each of our partnership agreements.

Together we have delivered and continue to deliver infrastructure that is modern and sustainable. Facilities such as the Karratha Leisureplex, Roebourne Districts SES Unit and Dampier Community Hub are state-of-the-art with community needs at their centre.

Works currently underway include the Red Earth Arts Precinct and the Wickham Community Hub which will provide further opportunity for growth and will cement the legacy of our partnership. As I’m sure you would appreciate from the site tour this evening that the Red Earth Arts Precinct is going to be a remarkable facility, and grand statement to our City. That this facility has become a reality is in part thanks to the successful leveraging of funding which lies at the heart of our partnership.

Our annual program of exceptional events and festivals connects us with our community and provides an incredible level of entertainment otherwise not accessible in the Pilbara.  Some of the highlights from the last 5 years include the Ballet on the Beach at Hearson’s Cove, the Melbourne International Comedy festival, the fantastic 150th anniversary Tjaabi Concert at Roebourne’ s Ngurin Amphitheatre, Pete Murray, the Da Vinci Machines Exhibition.  Rio has supported the Cossack Art Awards since its inception, NAIDOC Week, the Red Earth Arts Festival, the Moonrise Cinema and many other events.  As we move forward we are proud to have you, Rio Tinto continue as our our principal partner in Arts and Culture across the City.

The community services we work together to provide continue to grow and offer support and certainty for our local residents, allowing them to plan securely for the future. From doctors’ visits, to the development of our sports clubs and our Safer Community Partnership, we are providing for the community today while providing a legacy for the future.

We are empowering youth in our Eastern Corridor to strive for excellence, to do more and to be more and to take pride in who they are.  The Wickham Recreation Precinct has become an integral part of this community.  It is a superb facility delivering high quality fitness programs that support the health and well-being of residents.

We have worked together to improve our foreshore spaces and the aesthetics of our towns to create areas where people naturally migrate.  This increases the enjoyment and liveability of our city and provides opportunity for residents to enjoy the Pilbara lifestyle we have become famous for.

We now look forward to going forward with the next stage of our partnership with the continuation of our foreshore development projects, the beautification of Wickham, the Dampier Marina and the conclusion of land transfer agreements in Dampier and Wickham.

All of this started with a simple vision.

Through our partnership with you, we have been able to build an incredible relationship with the people who live here. And now thanks to a new agreement between our two organizations we will continue our work to further enhance services for our community, particularly in Dampier and Wickham, and to achieve our vision of vibrancy, sustainability and liveability across our City.

We thank you sincerely for being our partner in this.

I would now like to present RTIO Chief Executive Officer Chris Salisbury with a copy of our annual report and a 5-year summary of the achievements of our Partnership.