STREET SWEEPING – 06/03/2019

The City provides extensive services to its residents and one which is often overlooked is street sweeping.

In an effort to continue making our towns look neater and cleaner, Council recently increased sweeping services of car parks, roads, footpaths and pavements.

Nineteen car parks have been added to our quarterly sweeping service, which includes the Gap Ridge light industrial area and Karratha Airport. Car parks at the Karratha Leisureplex, Wickham Recreation Precinct and Roebourne Community Centre will be swept monthly instead of quarterly.

Sweeping of all roads and footpaths within residential areas has been increased from every three months to every two months, with the Karratha CBD being swept weekly. Roads and footpaths within light industrial areas and Karratha Airport have been increased from every six months to every three months.

All streets, car parks and paths within the Karratha CBD and Roebourne town centre are now swept twice a week.

As well as ramping up our sweeping service, Council has introduced a new specialised cleaning service operated by local company, Damel Cleaning Services. This service includes pressure cleaning all street furniture in the Karratha CBD and Roebourne town centre fortnightly, pressure cleaning shade structures monthly and scrubbing paths quarterly.

Keeping our streetscapes looking clean and tidy not only makes our city and towns look better, but removing debris enhances the public safety of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, prevents litter entering our waterways or clogging drains and protects our pets and wildlife.

Some members of the community are less diligent with respect to litter so if you ever see an area that needs cleaning up, please do not hesitate to tell us through the Report-It app on our website.