Tropical Cyclone Veronica passed us by - after taking her time about it! – and now the clean-up operation is well underway.

While Veronica didn’t lash us with her Cat 5 winds, it was still a fair old blow in Roebourne, Wickham and Point Samson, where the maximum gust was 154 km/hr.

As always when things get tough, we often see the best in people come out and with Veronica this was no exception.

It was just great to see local people volunteering to help single mums, the disabled and the elderly clean up their yards before the cyclone.

And I was so impressed with the lady who purchased 80 McDonalds meals with her own money for people in the Leisureplex Evacuation Centre on the Friday night.

And who then cooked up big trays of curry and rice for the KLP evacuees on other nights.

And with the Horizon Power crews who went out in the Red Alert to get the power back on for the people of Point Samson.

These are the things that make us a community and we councillors would like to thank all our emergency response agencies and hardworking volunteers for their efforts during Cyclone Veronica.

Soon after the cyclone passed, the City took control of post-cyclone recovery efforts. We had staff in Point Samson less than 2 hours after the All Clear was announced and Sharpe Avenue cleared that same day.

We have hired as many local contractors as possible to get things cleaned up and our facilities and services back to business as quickly as possible.

Finally, thank you to you in the community who responded so well the cyclone warning systems, got prepared early and followed the rules during a very long Red Alert shut-in!