Try Local Finishing - 23/09/2020

The countdown is NOW ON, folks: there is just one week left to spend your Try Local Cash! With your $100 expiring at midnight on 30 September I will say it again, now is the time to start spending!

Try Local has been developed by the City and our local Chamber of Commerce to support our local businesses. The City of Karratha has injected $850,000 into this initiative and we want to see it all spent in these local businesses!

It’s great to hear some of the creative ways people have been spending their Try Local cash recently. With more than 193 outlets registered, we’re spoilt for choice on where to spend. And it is terrific to see that over 60% of households have now activated their unique code through the KDCCI’s Try Local dashboard. However, only about half of those registered are actually spending their cash! So we need to get moving!

While it is important to spend those Try Local funds now, it is also important to highlight everything else that’s going on to support our Community as part of the City’s second tranche of initiatives.

To date we’ve awarded eight COVID Small Business Grants, totalling more than $60,000. Through the 20% discount we funded on local tours for residents, we have covered over $10,000 on local tours booked by you. And in the short time since we doubled the money we give out for “Meet the Street” parties, 12 parties have been held!

There’s a common theme across all of these initiatives, and you’re a big part of it. It’s about supporting each other, our community and our future and it’s great to see so many of us getting on board.

So over the next 7 days, get out and spend your Try Local Cash before the money disappears!