WA Small Business Day - 28/10/2020

WA Small Business Day is coming up this Saturday. The aim of Small Business Day is to recognise and celebrate the contribution that small businesses make and raise awareness of their importance to our community.

Small businesses are classified as businesses with less than 20 employees. There are over 823,000 employing small businesses in Australia, nearly 94% of the total. They employ 44% of our workforce and account for 35% of Australia’s gross domestic product.

Just under 35% of small business owner/managers in 2019 were women.

Small business owners take on high risks and generally are poorly paid: over half of small business owners registered with the ATO as individuals earn less than $25,000 per annum.

Karratha is home to some 1100 small businesses and over 400 where the owners employ up to 19 people.

Employing such a large proportion of our workforce, small businesses are vital to growing our local economy. They are versatile and innovative and can respond quickly to a changing business environment.

Small business is essential for the liveability of our city, providing the majority of national employment in accommodation, agriculture, food, construction, transport, wholesale trade, professional and scientific services. Where would we be without our builders, baristas, barbers and boiler-makers? Our bar-tenders, mechanics, gardeners, tyre techs and shop attendants?

The City of Karratha is committed to supporting local small businesses and has provided over $86,000 in Grants and over $500,000 in financial support to local businesses this year alone.

We know the importance of these tireless entrepreneurs and welcome WA Small Business Day as a great opportunity to champion our own local small businesses: let’s get out there this weekend and show them our support!