On Sunday his Excellency, the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia,

General the Honourable David Hurley officially opened Walgu Park in the Karratha City


Walgu Park, meaning ‘you can come’ in Ngarluma language, provides a link between our

magnificent Red Earth Arts Precinct and the Karratha CBD, giving residents a landscaped

connection between restaurants, bars and cafes, and the library, cinema and theatre.

For visitors to our town, Walgu Park provides an inviting space, both in name and

appearance, that helps to welcome them into our community, further highlighting the

incredible architecture of the Red Earth Arts Precinct and helping to activate Sharpe Avenue

from beginning to end.

This year is being celebrated by The United Nations General Assembly as the ‘International

Year of Indigenous Languages’ to raise awareness of the crucial role languages play in

people’s daily lives. In Australia, Aboriginal languages are the first spoken yet they are

amongst some of the most endangered in the world.

We hope that by embracing Ngarluma language through place naming throughout our towns

we can help to preserve this incredible element of culture.

I would like to thank our funding partners who supported this project – the Australian

Government’s National Stronger Regions Fund and the State Government’s Royalties for

Regions program administered by the Pilbara Development Commission.

I hope you enjoy this lovely new community space in our city centre.

Walgu – you can come.