WELCOME PARK – 04/10/2018

The City of Karratha will call for tenders next month for the construction of our latest new park. It will be in the City centre on the vacant triangular lot opposite and north of the Red Earth Arts Precinct and will be called Welcome Park.

The development aims to provide a landscaped link between the arts and culture precinct and the city centre so residents and visitors can stroll from the library or cinema to the shops and cafes, restaurants and bars.  It includes long-vehicle parking at the rear of the shopping centre and a pedestrian footbridge to link the new car park to Welcome Park.

The long vehicle car park is part of our ongoing efforts to activate and enhance the city centre.  We are proud to be an RV-Friendly Town under the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia program and to welcome mobile travellers to our region.

Welcome Park will provide an increased level of amenity to the community and visitors. 

The design features a focus on shade, native vegetation and seating areas for quiet contemplation or picnics, which I hope the community will enjoy.

As well as a shady spot to enjoy your lunch, this park will be a place to learn about elements of our community’s unique story through interpretive signage.  Sites have also been identified for sculptural artworks to promote public artworks by local artists and groups. Construction works to upgrade the long vehicle car park next to the shopping centre will begin this week.  Initial works to install the car park pavement will start on October 11 and are expected to take about five days.