A Brief Introduction of Lanshan District, Rizhao

Lanshan is a district of the province of Shandong in the People’s Republic of China. It lies in the prefecture-level city of Rizhao.

Lanshan District is located in the southeast coast of Shandong, bordering Jiangsu Province, facing Japan and Korea across the Yellow Sea. It was established in 2004, with a total area of 768 square kilometers, 25 km long coastline, nine towns and sub-districts, 423 villages, and total population of 426,000. Lanshan has a long history, the district government seat—AndongWei was set up in the Ming dynasty by Emperor Hongwu.

AndongWei, TianjinWei and WeihaiWei are three of the four famous Wei along the northern coast. Lanshan produces 100,000 mu (about 6667 hectares) of green tea, accounted for 80% of green tea in Rizhao, it is the largest production base of green tea in North China. Haizhou bay located at the south of Lanshan is one of China’s eight major fisheries. Marine fishing capacity ranked the second in the Province. It is an important marine fishing & processing base in Shandong.

Lanshan District has prominent advantages of locations. There are two national first class ports here– Lanshan Port and Lanshan Fishing Harbor. 23 berths of over 5000 tons have been built, the annual handling capacity nearly one hundred million tons, and the long-term capacity will be 300 million tons. YanShi Railway, PingLan Railway, Shenhai Expressway, No. 204 national road, No. 342 provincial highway, No. 222 provincial highway run through the district. It is an important part of the Eastern Bridgehead of the New Euro-Asian Continental Bridge, the most convenient port and the window opening to the outside of the Southern Shandong Economic Belt.

Lanshan District is an important part of the Southern Shandong Port based Industrial Cluster, Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone. Shandong Fine Steel Base will be built here. Based on the advantages of location, port, road, and resources, a port based industrial area of 100 km2 was planned, mainly for developing iron & steel, petrochemical, wood processing, marine food and  pharmacy industry, port-based logistics.

At present, in Lanshan 

  • Steel industry: Total capacity is 12 million tons, steel processing capacity 2.25 million tons,

  • Petrochemical industry: 10 million tons of processing and 30 million tons of storage & distribution;

  • Wood industry: 4 million m3 timber import and processing capacity;

  • Marine food and pharmacy industries: 4 million tons of processing capacity

It has become the province’s important steel production base, the new oil / gas storage and processing base, the largest distribution & processing center of imported wood in China and the largest Marine bionic food production base in Asia.

In recent years, the District CPC Committee and the District Government lead its people, adhere to the targets of “a strong ecological economy, a livable new city” as the goals, implement three strategies of the port, industries and ecology. Lanshan made efforts on the building modern marine industry, modern characteristic agriculture and modern service industry.


Honorary Titles of Lanshan:


  • National Scientific and Technological Progress Advanced Area

  • One of the most economic vital cities in China

  • One of the Best cities for investment in Shandong Province,

  • Model Area for Private Economy in Shandong Province,

  • Advanced Area of Service Industry Development in Shandong.

In 2012, the region’s GDP totaled 45.59 billion Yuan, up 12.2%, industrial output was 23.395 billion RMB Yuan, an increase of 16.1%, local fiscal revenue was 1.784 billion Yuan, an increase of 6.2%, the scale investment in fixed assets was 33.287 billion Yuan, an increase of 38.4% above, gross import & export value was $7.181 US billion, an increase of 9.2%, farmers net income per capita was 11182 Yuan, an increase of 14.5%.